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1. The memorandum of every company shall state:
· The name of the company with Limited (for a Public limited company) and with Private Limited (for a Private Limited company) as the last word   .
· The state in which the registered office of the company is to be situated.
· The main objects of the company and the incidental or ancillary objects.
· Other objects of the company.
· In the case of companies, with objects not confined to one state, the state to whose territories the objects extend.
· The memorandum of a company limited by shares or by guarantee shall also state that the liability of its members is limited.
· The memorandum shall also state the amount of share capital with which the company is to be registered and the division there of into shares of a fixed amount.  No subscriber of the memorandum shall take less than one share and each subscriber of the memorandum shall write opposite to his name the number of shares he takes.

2.The memorandum shall be printed, be divided into paragraphs and be signed by each subscriber with his address, description and occupation in the presence of atleast one witness.

3. A company may by special resolution alter the provisions of its memorandum so as to change the place of its registered office from one state to another or with respect to the objects of the company. Alteration of memorandum relating to change of place of registered office from one state to another shall be confirmed by the Central Government. The special resolution passed by the company shall be filed with the registrar of companies, within one month from the date of such resolution. The certified copy of the order from the Central Government confirming the alteration shall be filed before the registrar within three months from the date of the order along with the altered memorandum. Registrar shall within one month certify the registration of the alteration.

4. For a company to change the place of its registered office from one place to another within a state, such change has to be confirmed by Regional Director. Once the change is confirmed by the Regional Director, the company shall file a certified copy of the confirmation given by the Regional Director together with a printed copy of altered memorandum before the registrar of the company. Thereafter the registrar of company shall register the said change.