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Defences under SARFAESI ACT

With the introduction of SARFAESI Act 2002, it has become easy for banks and other financial institutions to recover loans advanced from defaulting borrowers. If a borrower has taken a loan by giving some collateral security and if he defaults in the repayment of the said loan, then the bank or the financial institution can take the possession of the collateral security, in most cases an immovable property and then manage or even sell the same to recover the debt after issuing a 60 days notice. The borrower is forbidden form approaching the civil court or other authorities against any such actions. However, after the said action by the bank, the aggrieved party can approach the Debt Recovery Tribunal against such an action.
Some of the defenses against the action of banks under the SARFAESI Act include:
a) Non-issuance of 60 days notice
b) Non-classification of the account as Non Performing Asset.
c) If the collateral security is an agricultural land, then   proceedings under SARFAESI Act is not permitted.
d) Action of the bank  barred by Limitation Act, 1963
e) Non delivery of Possession notice to the borrower.
f) Non publication of Possession notice in the news paper.
g) Non service of notice of 30 days, for sale of the secured assets after taking possession of the same.
h) If the amount due is less than 20 percent of the principal amount and interest thereon.