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1. This Act protects the rights of Muslim Women who have been divorced by their husbands or who have obtained the divorce from their husbands.

2. A divorced Muslim women is entitled to reasonable and fair provision and maintenance within Iddat period from her former husband. Similarly the divorced Muslim woman is entitled to all the properties given to her before or at the time of marriage or after her marriage by her relatives, friends, husband, relatives of husband and friends of the husband.

3. A Divorced Muslim Women is also entitled to an amount equal to the sum of dower agreed to be paid to her at the time of her marriage or at any time there after.

4. If a divorced Muslim Women herself maintains the children born to her before or after her divorce, the husband shall make her a reasonable and fair provision and pay her maintenance for 2 years from the date of birth of children.

5. If the husband fails to discharge his duties under this act, the wife is entitled to make an application to jurisdictional magistrate for suitable orders. If a husband fails to comply with the order of the magistrate, the magistrate is empowered to sentence such person to an imprisonment for a term which may extend to 1 year.

6. A magistrate can also pass necessary orders of maintenance, against the relatives of divorced Muslim Women who has not remarried and who is not able to look after herself. The relatives may include children, parents etc. If a divorced woman has no relatives the magistrate can order the state Wakf board to pay such maintenance.

In Daniel Latif –vs- Union of India, AIR 2001 SC 3958 the Supreme Court held that the husband is duty bound to give maintenance to the divorced wife and she is entitled for lifelong post divorce maintenance within iddat period