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Registration of societies and associations

The Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960 and Rules, 1961 deals with the procedure for the registration of societies and associations in Karnataka.

To register a society or association, there should be a minimum number of seven members, all of whom shall be above the age of eighteen years. The society or the Association shall prepare a Memorandum of Association and also the Rules and Regulations and submit before the Registrar of Societies to register themselves as a society. The name of at least seven members shall be subscribed to the Memorandum of Association.

The Memorandum of Association shall state the name of the society, the objects of the society, the names and addresses and occupations of the members of the governing body, the place at which the registered office of the society is to be situated etc.

The Rules and Regulations shall contain provisions relating to admission of members, general meetings, voting of members etc. The memorandum as well as the Rules and Regulations shall be signed by each subscriber of the Memorandum of Association, in the presence of at least one witness.

The Registrar of Societies may refuse to register the name of a society if, it is identical with or too nearly resembles, the name by which a society in existence has been previously registered. By any reason if the registrar refuses to register a society, an appeal lies against such order to the Karnataka Appellate Tribunal within 60 days of the said order.

Registration of births and deaths

The Registration of Births and Deaths Act 1969 and the Karnataka Registration of Births and deaths rules 1999,deals with the formalities pertaining to the Registration of Births and Deaths in Karnataka. As per the Act the concerned persons are bound to inform the Registrar regarding Births and Deaths.

Births and Deaths in a house: The head of the house, in a hospital: The Medical officer in-charge, In a Jail: Jailor in-charge, in hostels, Lodges etc: the person in-charge, in a public place: the headman of the village is responsible for reporting the Births and Deaths. The —- who gives the information under this act shall write in the register maintain in this behalf, his name, description and his place of residence.

Any births or deaths, which are registered after the expiry of the period within 30 days of its occurrence, shall be registered on payment of a late fee. Any births or deaths, which have not been registered within one year of its occurrence, shall be registered only by an order of an Jurisdiction Magistrate.

When the birth of a child has been registered without a name, the parent or guardian of such a child within the prescribed period give information regarding the name of a child, to the Registrar either orally or in written and there upon the registrar shall enter such name in the register and initial and date the entry.

An entry of a birth and death in any register is found to be erroneous, the registrar his power to correct the said error.

Registration of middlemen or estate agents.

The Karnataka Rent Act 1999 and Rules 2001 require registration of middlemen, brokers or agents. The Middleman or broker shall register his name with the Rent Controller of his area by filing an application in form 8 and paying a registration fee of Rs 200/- only. The Controller after scrutiny of the application issues a certificate of registration in Form No.9, which is valid for a period of 5 years, and the agent shall renew his registration after the said period. The renewal fee is Rs 200/-. The said persons shall submit to the Rent Controller of the area a statement in the prescribed form showing their names, place of business and area of activity.

The middlemen or agent or broker shall within 10 days from the last day of each quarter of every calendar year, file return giving details of every transaction handled by him during the quarter, and the brokerage or commission received by him in each case.

Every middleman or Estate Agent who fails to register his name with the Rent Controller on conviction shall be punishable with fine up to two thousand rupees or with simple imprisonment for a term up to one month or both and also shall be liable to fine of rupees two hundred for each day of continuing default till he complies with law. Further every agent who fails to submit a statement as mentioned above shall on conviction be punishable with fine up to one thousand rupees or with simple imprisonment for a term up to one month.