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The Karnataka Industrial Establishments (National & Festivals Holidays) Act, 1963 and the rules there under provide for holidays for shops, commercial establishments, factories, plantations etc in Karnataka.

As per this Act, every employee shall be given a holiday on 26th January, 15th August and 2nd October. Apart from this, the employees are entitled for seven other holidays for other festivals, a list of which are mentioned in the Schedule attached to the Act. In addition all the establishments shall give holidays to their employees on 1st May and 1st November.
However this rule is not applicable to undertakings owned or controlled by the Government of India.  In addition to this every employee whose name is included in the electoral roll of the constituency, where an election to the Legislative Assembly is held, shall be allowed a day’s paid holiday to enable him to exercise his franchise.
Every employer shall display a list of national and festival holidays entitled to his employees in the form of a statement in a conspicuous place in the establishment.  In addition to this every establishment shall remain closed for one day of the week which is available to the employee as a weekly holiday.