The terms (time period) of copy right for various classes are as follows:-
a. For published literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work- until 60 years after the death of the author.
b. For anonymous and pseudonymous works- 60 years from the date of publication.
c. Photographs – 60 years from the date of Photograph.
d. Cinematograph films- 60 years from the date of publishing of film.
e. Sound recording – 60 years from the date of publishing.

The owners of the copy right may grant any interest in the right by licence in writing signed by him to any other person.
If any work in which there is a copy right, is unreasonably withheld by the owner from the Public, the copy right board has the power to give license to a person even against objection from the owner.

In the case of an unpublished Indian work and if the author or the owner of the copy right is dead or unknown, the copy right board can grant licence to an applicant to publish such work.

License for translation: The person may apply to the copy right board for licence to produce and publish a translation of the literary or dramatic work in any language after the period of 7 yrs from the first publication of the work.