What is a caveat?

Caveat is a preventive relief available to citizens. This gives them the immediate intimation from the court whenever an opposite party approaches the Court with some prayer. When an application is made in a suit or proceeding or a proceeding to be instituted, any person claming a right to appear before the court on the hearing of such application may lodge a Caveat. A person can avail this right if he anticipates filing of a suit or other proceedings by any other person affecting his interests.

A person lodging a caveat (Caveator) shall serve a notice of the Caveat by registered post, on the person by whom the proceeding may be initiated. After the caveat has been lodged, if any application is filed, the Court shall serve a notice of the application on the Caveator.

A Caveat shall remain in force only for ninety days, after which a fresh Caveat can be filed. A caveat cannot be filed in criminal matters.