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1. If the marriage was consummated, the wife may marry another husband after the completion of iddat. If the marriage was not consummated she can marry immediately. If the marriage was consummated and if the husband had up to 4 wives at the time of divorce (including the divorced wife) he may marry another wife after the completion of iddat of the divorced wife.

2. If the marriage was consummated the wife is entitled to immediate payment of the whole of the unpaid Dower. If the marriage was not consummated and the amount of Dower is specified then she is entitled to half of the amount. If the marriage was consummated and no amount is specified she is only entitled to 3 articles of dress. If marriage is dissolved upon the apostasy of the wife she is entitled to the whole of dower if consummation has taken place.

3. When the divorce becomes irrevocable, mutual rights of the inheritance comes to an end. If the divorce was pronounced during the death illness, the wife’s right to inheritance continues to the expiry of her iddat.

4. After the divorce has become irrevocable, if the divorced couple engages in sexual intercourse the same is unlawful. Children as a result of such intercourse are illegitimate.

5. The parties are generally permitted to remarry after the divorce.