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How to obtain a Succession Certificate?

A District Judge within whose Jurisdiction a deceased person resided at the time of his death or within whose Jurisdiction any part of his property was found may grant the Succession Certificate under the Indian Succession Act. Application to the District Judge shall contain the details which include the time of the death of the deceased, the place of the residence of the deceased at the time of his death, details of the relatives of the deceased, right of the applicant in moving the application, the debts and securities in respect of which the certificate is applied for etc.

After the District Judge is satisfied that there is a ground for entertaining the application, a hearing date is fixed and notices are served on concerned persons. After hearing, if the District Judge decides that the right of Succession Certificate belongs to the applicant, the Judge shall make an order for the grant of certificate to him. The Judge may also grant a certificate to an applicant with a prima-facie best title, if he finds it difficult to determine in the ordinary manner.

A succession Certificate can empower a person to receive interest or dividends, on securities and to negotiate or to transfer the securities of the deceased person.