Criminal Complaints In Matrimonial Matters

There are various legal safeguards for women to rely on, in case they are subjected to cruelty and harassment by husband or in-laws pertaining to matrimonial matters. The teeth of law are very much sharpened to protect the interests of fair sex. 

If a wife reports the incidents of cruelty, mental or physical, or the demand of dowry by her husband or in laws, a police officer is bound to register an FIR and investigate the matter. The police authorities in such cases act in a very mechanical manner. Even if there is no requirement to arrest the accused persons, they tend to immediately arrest the accused persons and put them behind bars. This, many times result in the torture of innocent persons, just because the legal system is weighed in favor of women. There are several instances when women misuse the benefits of law and lodge false complaints to settle personal scores. Though, in the end a court of law may acquit the accused, the trauma in carrying on with the case for years cannot be underestimated.

The accused in matrimonial offences can avail the benefit of anticipatory bail to avoid arrest and resultant torture in the hands of the police. If they sense the possibility of filing of false criminal case by the wife or her relatives, then they are advised to approach the Sessions Court or the High Court for an order of anticipatory bail. As a matter of right, a person cannot ask a court for the grant of anticipatory bail. The court will look into the facts of the case and grant bail in appropriate cases. Once anticipatory bail is granted, the police officials cannot arrest and detain the accused. They can arrest him, but they have to release him immediately.