The protection of Women from Domestic Violence (Part-2)

Last week we discussed the definition of Domestic violence. Similarly an act or omission, which has the effect of threatening the aggrieved woman, or any person related to her, constitutes domestic violence. The Act provides for registration of voluntary organizations as ‘Service Providers” for the purpose of this Act. An aggrieved person may file an application to the jurisdictional Magistrate seeking various reliefs under the Act. The magistrate shall endeavor to dispose every application within a period of 60 days from the date of hearing.

An aggrieved woman has various reliefs and rights under the Act. Section 17 provides the right to reside in a shared household, whether or not, she has any right, title or beneficial interest in the same.

The Magistrate can pass various protection orders in favour of the aggrieved person prohibiting the respondent from committing acts of domestic violence, prohibiting entering the place of employment of the aggrieved person, prohibiting communication with the aggrieved person, prohibiting alienating assets, operating bank lockers used or held or enjoyed by both the parties etc. Other reliefs under this act include residence orders, monetary reliefs, custody orders, compensation orders, orders pertaining to the custody of children etc.