Legal precautions during transfer of motor vehicles

When the ownership of a vehicle registered within the state of Karnataka is to be transferred to another person, the transferor shall within 14 days of the transfer, report the transfer to the jurisdictional RTO, in such form and along with the required documents. The transferor shall simultaneously send a copy of the said report to the transferee.

For vehicles registered outside Karnataka, within 41 days of the transfer, the transferor shall forward the NOC from the state of registration to the jurisdictional RTO.

The transferee shall within 30 days of the transfer, report the transfer, to the jurisdictional RTO along with Certificate of registration, prescribed fee, and the report he received from the transferor. Thereafter, the registering authority may cause the transfer of ownership entered in the Certificate of registration.

If a person, in whose name a motor vehicle stands, dies, his successor may make an application for the purpose of transferring the ownership in his name, to the jurisdictional RTO and the RTO may transfer the   ownership in the name of that person.